Hey Kinfolk x The Black Paper

From the onset, Hey Kinfolk has valued equal representation and ownership. We’ve prioritized community and the beauty found in shared teachings and learning from each other, which is why we’re hype to announce The Black Paper, our very own blog! We’ll be discussing everything from the history of Black co-ops, to featured products we can’t stop using, to professional development tips on how to maximize your career.  We’re providing real, effective solutions to everyday problems we encounter in both the workplace and in life. We got you. 

Like Hey Kinfolk, The Black Paper is for us. It’s a place where we don’t have to codeswitch or worry about being misunderstood or feel pressure to appear a certain way. We can have open, honest dialogue about the issues we’re facing in our communities. We can have fun conversations without any barriers and certainly without judgment.

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Trust, Hey Kinfolk is bringing so much more to the culture than shopping opportunities. By unearthing our rich history of economic defense and collective well-being, we’re helping you not only remember your power, but to activate it and thrive (in real life). 

Welcome to The Black Paper.