Connect, Collaborate and Collect with Hey Kinfolk

Let’s debunk a frustrating misrepresentation, shall we? As African-Americans, we’re well aware of our influence and our strengths in areas like entertainment or sports or music – that’s not in question. What we do tend to underestimate, however, is our buying power and just how much we affect the almighty dollar in this country. Which is a lot.

Here’s a fact to put that insecurity and misconception to bed: African-Americans are spending more than $1 trillion every single year, and we’re single-handedly keeping certain industries alive (hello, hair and beauty). Don’t believe for a second that we aren’t stimulating the economy. The problem is that we don’t shop overwhelmingly Black, which only contributes to the deeply insulting wealth gap that exists and our ability to financially blossom as a whole. We’re simply not redistributing money and opportunities to our own like our white counterparts. For a myriad of reasons. The conditioning and the disparity has been a long, intentional, slow burn. 

And Hey Kinfolk is done singing that song. 

The truth is that we’re more than capable of supporting our own and strengthening our communities. Black people have been threading the needle and driving the culture for as long as we can remember, and it’s high time we take up status with our finances too. The only missing link is access and accountability, which is where Hey Kinfolk thrives.

Hey Kinfolk is an online co-op dedicated to distributing equity so every single Black person can enhance their earthly quality of life.  We do that by making it really easy to find home and personal care products that are healthy for our families and safe for the planet.  We offer a curated mix of the best Black-owned national brands as well as our own brand, Kinfolk.

Which actually brings us to another point.

We know shopping Black isn’t always the easiest or most convenient. Nobody has time to scroll hashtags and social media directories all day long in search of a Black-owned candle company. Sometimes you just want your cozy, vanilla bean vibes post haste and sans hassle. Part of Hey Kinfolk’s mission is to not only incorporate high-quality brands, but to make the entire process as easy and seamless as possible for you. With guaranteed shipping in 24 hours and a quick response time, we’re bringing our A-game with customer service and changing the negative associations that sometimes come with shopping Black. 

Plus, as an online co-op, Hey Kinfolk affords its members the opportunity to get a slice of the pie too. We’re the first e-commerce platform of its kind that’s focused solely on building African-American success. 

Hey Kinfolk knows that until all of us are eating, none of us truly are.   When you become a member of Kinfolk you get a profit share right and a governance right. Profit share means that if we are successful you would share in a proportional percent of the profits based on how active you are. Governance right means that you are entitled to vote for the board, and even have the option to run for the board!

It’s the gift that keeps on giving – the gift with the potential to alter the trajectory of the lives after us.

Think of us as a Black Trader Joe’s with accountability – an REI for us and by us. We’re bringing you reputable products that have been vetted, we’re bringing you top-notch customer service you can depend on, and we’re bringing you a seat at the table to relish in what’s rightfully yours.

As Hey Kinfolk founder and visionary, Nirva Boursiquot, says, “everyone’s activism looks different. Hey Kinfolk is ours.”

Welcome to Hey Kinfolk, the marketplace with a mission. 

Let’s get this W.