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Birthed from the heart-wrenching tragedies of 2020, Kinfolk is reshaping the buying Black narrative and offering a new economic model to convert Black neighborhoods into core economic engines for building wealth.

JANUARY 19, 2021 | MIAMI, FLORIDA — The first e-commerce platform in history strictly dedicated to Black entrepreneurial success is here! Nirva Boursiquot, CEO of Kinfolk, says the marketplace will emulate Amazon’s ‘everything store’ model with a twist. No matter your race, consumers will have the power to shop any Black-owned product at their fingertips and receive hella’ fast shipping, knowing each product is meticulously vetted and produced by Black creators.

With the initial focus on skincare, books, and houseware, Kinfolk is planning a diverse expansion to other spaces by Spring 2021.

Kinfolk is organized as a consumer cooperative where your membership fee is an equity holding in the company and you’ll receive a share of the profits in the form of a patronage refund. This model will increase cash flow throughout the Black community, sincerely making Kinfolk’s motto, “our slice,” come entirely alive.

Why Kinfolk? “What we buy, where we buy, and why we buy all matters! Our dollar is our influence.” Boursiquot continues, “All consumers must do their part ongoingly—not just as a passing trend. Our community wants and needs to experience real change. However, people seeking Black-owned companies often have difficulty finding them. That’s when we realized something’s missing! There’s a surplus of directories, but no collective marketspace to buy Black. Kinfolk is where you can go on and shop Black-owned brands all in one cart. We’re doing a complete overhaul to what shopping Black means.”

Sknmuse and Karibe are two vendors that Boursiquot is excited to offer on Both are thriving in their respective spaces, and both are devoted to building community. Boursiquot pledges these are the kinds of brands offered on Kinfolk.

“Everyone’s activism looks different; Kinfolk is ours. Between the recurring instances of racial injustice and $600 stimulus checks, it became alarmingly clear that no one was coming to save us. We realized the best way to show up for our community is a co-op that uplifts Black-owned brands. Rebuilding our neighborhoods starts with sharing our profits through dividends.`` #ourslice “We’ve been here before. Let’s go there again.”

Kinfolk LLC is an American technology company based in Miami, FL, which focuses on everyday products exclusively from Black-owned brands. It is organized as a consumer co-operative. Use your influential dollar now to support Black communities by shopping at

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